We are a Chicago Recruiting Agency

Empowered Staffing connects the fastest growing companies within the digital marketing, eCommerce, and healthcare space with the top talent they need! We are committed to finding new and creative ways to attracting the best talent to fit your needs!

The success of your company is all about the people you hire. Empowered staffing finds the talent that not only has the skill set but fit the environment and culture of your organization.

We have worked with some of the biggest names in the digital advertising space along with huge retailers and eCommerce companies. Our clients range from 10-10,000+ people and VC backed startups as well. A lot of our clients have been with us since the beginning because they know we get them the results they need in their most crucial times.  It is our priority to create long lasting partnerships with our clients by giving them the personal attention they deserve!

Its not about telling people what they want to hear its about telling them what they need to hear. We want to get the job done and makes sure everyone is on the same page, this ensures the smoothest process and can make something that can be stressful to a smooth process with an exciting reward, getting a person to join a great team!

Sarah Yeverovich, Co-Founder

Sarah believes that the foundation for success is about listening to clients’ needs and delivering them the perfect fit based on skills set, soft skills, and culture/background.

Daniel Miller, Co-Founder

Daniel Miller is a human encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to knowing people, backgrounds, and making connections.

Rebecca Phend, Executive Recruiter

After a long career in higher education, connecting executives in the Fortune 1000 with Executive MBA programs, Rebecca has made the transition to connecting people with top companies across the US.

Alex McCorT, Researcher

Alex has over a decade of Executive Recruiting research experience working at top companies nationwide. Alex uses many resources to find the best talent for our recruiting team. 

Michael Lindner, Executive Recruiter

Michael believes that making meaningful connections can lead to remarkable outcomes.  After a fulfilling and long term career as a professional actor in the Chicagoland area and across the United States, Michael has turned his passion for communication and relationship building into a successful career as an Executive Recruiter. 

Caroline Hurst, Recruiter

Caroline has recruited for Fortune 50 companies to startups in Silicon Valley with less than 8 employees. She can be found recruiting across a multitude of industries including eCommerce, Tech, Digital Marketing and Healthcare.

We are in the midst of hiring more recruiters, stay tuned!