5 STep REcruiting Process

We design a specific, targeted recruiting program for each assignment based on your objectives.

1. Planning and Research

We define the scope of the project and create job profiles in partnership with you. Using confidential referrals and individual networks, we conduct thorough research to identify potential candidates. Our search strategy is based on each client’s individual needs which includes analysis of the company, competitors, marketplace, and industry. Majority of the candidates we speak with are passive.

2. Candidate Contact

Once potential candidates are identified, we contact them on a direct, personal basis.

  • As your spokesperson, we present your objectives, as well as the opportunities, responsibilities and potential of the position.

  • At the same time, we examine the qualifications of the candidate against your requirements, using profiles developed during the planning stage.

3. Presentation of Candidates

Once evaluated, the qualified candidates are presented for your consideration. We submit a resume and a detailed summary on each candidate we send in which includes background on each position held, career moves, compensation, and why this person would be a good fit for your company/culture… We assist your people in scheduling and monitoring the interview process. Only after determining that a strong mutual bond exists between you and the candidate does the process continue.

4. The Decision and the Offer

While you alone make the decision on the best candidate, we can assist you during this critical phase. We also ask the candidate for professional references and conduct a detailed reference check and send the summary to your hiring team. We can provide a background check upon request.

5. Ongoing Relationship

Our goal is to provide the right match- people who will make a positive impact on your organization. We maintain contact with you and with the candidate to ensure that this goal is accomplished.

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