Key Questions Recruiters ask Hiring Managers Beyond... "What are you looking for"?

Our client relationships are about trust and creating long term relationships. When we take on a new client, we feel as though we are part of their internal team and like to understand all the ins and outs of their company, culture, long and short term goals, and everything around their current hiring process and needs.

There is a lot a strong recruiting firm truly needs to discuss with a client before filling a role and here are some key questions to ask during a discovery meeting with a client that are sometimes overlooked:

-What big initiatives are you working on over the next year?

-Have you hired for this position before? If so tell me about that.

-What does your hiring process look like?

-What is your turnaround like on a candidate we submit to you?

-Are you happy with the office culture? Are there things you are looking to change?

-What would you like to see in x department over the next year?

-What are key traits you look for in a candidate besides what is on the JD?

In addition to the typical questions asked by recruiting firms, the above questions give recruiters deeper insight on the overall company goals and what they are trying to accomplish with the hires.