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The Perfect Interview Process Timeline - 5 TIPS

The perfect interview process really depends on the role and the complexity of the position. In the eCommerce,  SaaS & Digital Marketing world, among many other industries, the interview process is crucial for success! I like to base the timeline to hire off of salary/level of role. For roles that pay under $40,000 per year, hiring processes should be about 1-2 weeks. For roles that are $40K-100K, ideally 2-3 weeks. $100K+ roles, typically 3-6 weeks. Here are 5 tips:

  1. Some candidates who are more passive in the job search, make sure not to scare them off with trying to interview and hire within a week. This can be a huge red flag in the candidate’s mind.

  2. Make sure to check references after the first in person interview if there is interest. Reference checking can clear many of our concerns fairly quickly.

  3. “A strong candidate that has the desirable skill set is like an ice sculpture in 90 degree weather”, Brian Binke, one of the largest managers in construction recruitment nationwide. If you wait too long, they will melt away- because another company will hire them or they will lose interest in a company that is stalling when they know how solid their experience is.

  4. Make sure to understand salary expectations and figure out where the candidate is in the interview process with other companies. You may lose out on a candidate if they get hired before you finish your process. Candidate transparency is key.

  5. Make sure Managers allow time throughout the week to interview. The biggest pain is scheduling! We need managers to really work around the candidates schedule, since most top candidates are currently employed and really need managers to be flexible so they can actually interview without the candidate's current employer being suspicious.